Before you begin your submission, please prepare the following materials in order to successfully complete the online submission process. The deadline for all submissions is December 14, 2015.

Part 1: Basic Project Information

  • Innovation Name
  • Give a succinct overview of the innovation and its impact on the tall building industry. (200 word maximum)

Part 2: Written Description

Please prepare answers to the following questions within the given word counts. Note: This year’s winning and finalist projects will be featured in the 2015 CITAB-CTBUH Best Tall Buildings book to be published in conjunction with the Awards. Please keep in mind that the text description you enter here will also be referred to in the creation of the book. View sample pages from last year’s CTBUH Best Tall Buildings book

  • Describe the building(s) where the innovation has been/will be implemented and/or the research and testing process. (200 word maximum)
  • In what way does this area of innovation push the design of tall buildings to a higher level? How is this innovation adaptable to influence future tall building design, construction or operation? (500 word maximum)
  • List all companies involved in the development/implementation of this innovation. (include discipline)

Part 3: Drawings/Images & Supplemental Documents

A selection of detail images, drawings, and other graphic information to clearly convey the specific innovation is required. Where applicable, please include drawing/images that convey the innovation in built or designed tall building examples. There is no limit to the number of drawings/images that can be submitted as long as they do not exceed the file size constraints as noted below.

A number of certifications are also required. Please upload these certifications as PDF files.

Required Documents:

  • Project completion certification documents (with official stamps of the organizations)
  • Project joint completion statement (with official stamps of the organizations), if project is being submitted by multiple organizations
  • Submitting organization’s qualification certificates (with official stamps of the organizations)

Other Supplemental Documents
Additional documentation or research that you would like to share can be submitted. However, please be advised that your answers to Part 2 should serve as the primary source to convey your innovation to the jury.

General Requirements
Images and drawings should be submitted as individual files and should be medium to high resolution (300dpi at 8.5in x 11in size). Whenever possible, drawings should be submitted as vector based graphics (EPS, PDF).

Supported file formats: JPG, JPEG, TIFF, TIF, EPS, PDF, DWG, PPT, PPTX

Individual file sizes cannot exceed 20 MB each.
Total upload size of all files cannot exceed 500 MB.

Captions, Copyright & Sort Order
Once your images/drawings are added you will be asked to provide copyright information and captions. For the benefit of the jury, please be as descriptive as possible in your captions. The jury will review the files in the order you upload them. We advise starting with images and drawings, then any supplemental documents.


  • The submitting organization should be responsible for all the project data. Post-submittal adjustments and revisions will not be accepted once reviewing has begun. The results of the judging shall be accepted by the submitting organization.
  • Incomplete or non-compliant applications will not be accepted.
  • In order to facilitate a smooth application, all submitting organizations should designate a single point of contact for all awards correspondence.